About Us

Welcome to NS Wholesale, where greatness is our daily pursuit.

What sets a company apart? Is it the exceptional products it offers? The speed of service? The cost-efficiency of its items? Perhaps it's the phenomenal customer service or the warmth of its staff. We believe that all these factors contribute in the making of a truly remarkable company, and at NS Wholesale, we strive to excel in every aspect.

Exclusive to Bio-Energetic practitioners, while numerous companies seek to carry and distribute our products, we steadfastly prioritize our practitioners. We value our practitioners and want them to provide their clients with top-quality products at reasonable prices, without worry of clients circumventing them. Your efforts deserve to be rewarded.

NS Wholesale was founded in 2006 by Lisa Renee Brooks. Many of the products we offer today were formulated by her, incorporating a unique blend of ingredients developed in conjunction with Bio-Energetic Testing.

Our extensive NS product line boasts over 100 items, including specially formulated products for pets. All our products are locally produced in our GMP Certified manufacturing facility, which is registered with the FDA. Each product comes with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), providing transparency about the contained ingredients. For over two decades, our manufacturing facility takes great pride in its successful track record of producing certified quality products.

At NS Wholesale, we take pride in offering not only our own product line but also more than 500 different products from over 10 reputable companies, Including Alive Innovations, BioLight Technologies, Dr. Dov, Dr. Jocelin's Essential Oils, Energique, FGF USA, First Fitness, Frequency Apps, Healthy Alternatives Enzymes, and Soul Tender Wellness CBD, we carefully select the best partners to expand our product range. Additionally, we curate select products from other trusted companies, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive selection.

Our success is rooted in the results our products deliver. Our loyal customer base continues to grow because our offerings make a difference. While we have come a long way from our humble beginnings, starting with a few products and local customers, our family-oriented business has expanded exponentially. Today, we serve customers from around the globe, and we cherish the strong bond we share with our customers, who are more than just clients—they are part of our family.

We are honored to have the opportunity to serve you, and we look forward to delivering exceptional products, unmatched service, and a sense of belonging. Join us at NS Wholesale, and let greatness be part of your journey.