Drop Shipping



At NS Wholesale, we understand the growing demand for natural supplements and the challenges businesses face when managing inventory and fulfillment. That's why we offer dropshipping. Dropshipping allows you to sell a wide variety of products without the need to carry inventory or handle shipping logistics yourself.


Here's how drop shipping with NS Wholesale works:

  • Browse Our Extensive Catalog: 

    Choose from a vast selection of popular and in-demand natural supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, and stem-cell support.
  • Simple Order Processing: 

    You'll place orders directly through the NS Wholesale website.
  • Fee-Free Dropshipping (Plus Shipping): 

    You'll pay our wholesale member price for each product, and we'll handle the packaging and shipping directly to your customer. While dropshipping itself is free, shipping and product costs will still apply
  • We Handle the Rest: 

    Once you place an order with us, we take care of everything else. We'll carefully package your customer's order with no-price packing slips and ship it directly to your customer.
  • You Set the Price, You Bill the Customer: 

    You have complete control over your retail pricing strategy. You'll invoice your customer for the final price, including any markup you decide to add.


      Benefits of Dropshipping with NS Wholesale:

      • Low Startup Costs: There's no need to invest in large quantities of inventory upfront. You only pay for products after you've made a sale.
      • Expanded Product Selection: Offer a wider variety of natural supplements to your customers without worrying about storage or management.
      • Reduced Risk: Minimize risk by eliminating the need to hold onto excess inventory. If a product doesn't sell well, you're not stuck trying to unload it.
      • Scalability: Easily grow your business without the limitations of manually fulfilling orders. Our streamlined drop shipping process allows you to scale up effortlessly.
      • Focus on What Matters: Free yourself from inventory management and fulfillment tasks. You can focus on marketing, customer service, and growing your business.
      • No Order Minimums: Order exactly what your customers need, when they need it. There's no requirement to purchase a certain quantity to place a drop shipping order.
      • No Platform Integration Required: Simply place drop ship orders directly on our website.


      Ready to Get Started?

      Browse our extensive selection of natural supplements and/or create a wholesale account. We're here to support your success in the drop shipping world!


      Due to labeling regulations, discreet labeling is not available.